Intuitive Artificial Intelligence Experiment

Š 2024

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Instructions & How To Play

Objective: Find the Monster (👹) to win.

Avoid Pits: Falling into a Pit (đŸ•ŗī¸) ends the game (lose).

Find Gold: Discovering Gold (💰) before the Monster adds a bonus point.

Make Choices: Click any box to reveal its contents or hint.

Use Hints*: Boxes reveal hints about nearby elements.

Game Ends: When you find the Monster or fall into a Pit.

Note: This is just a game play and it does not record any of your data.
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* Combined hints like 👃✨ indicate multiple items nearby, such as a Monster (👹) and Gold (💰).
** 'nearby' refers to boxes directly to the left, right, top, or bottom - not diagonally adjacent.